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Hello everyone!

We are very thankful for the support of the tour campaign.Unfortunately we were unable to reach our funding goal. Facebook made it extremely hard for our post to be seen by our fan base and only allowed about 10% of our following to see the post, unless we paid $500 to advertise every time. It’s complete bullshit! For the few who have ordered the vinyl packs we will not be able to order the vinyl records, since we didn’t reach the goal of 100 vinyl sales. Vinyl is expensive to make, especially if you don’t order a lot. We can either refund you on your order or please let us know if you would like a hoodie or two shirts instead.

On the bright side, We are thrilled you all are true fans of the band and believe in what we are doing! We may not be able to tour for awhile but we are still printing the merch packages for you. We are ordering shirts and posters this week and finalizing the artwork for the CD prints. We should receive everything towards the end of the month and will ship out orders asap! We are truly are thankful for the support and being patient with us. We hope you all enjoy your orders and please upload photos, so we can add them to the Red Queen website.

We have some exciting things happening behind the scenes and want to do our best to give you all a bad ass full length album! We are going to try and shoot some new music videos and plan some live gigs and maybe a small tour later in the year.

Elena and Patrick of Red Queen