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We are very excited to announce that we have finished our first EP! We have worked really hard for the past year and can’t wait for everyone to hear it!

Normally a band would release an EP or full length album on a record label with proper promotion and tour support. Majority of record deals these days are called a 360 deal, which means the record label gets a percentage of everything! This includes all music sales, merch sales, touring ect! EVERYTHING!!

As of right now we are an independent band. Everything is funded by ourselves. 

In the past, before the internet, and download piracy, musicians would sell millions of records! Which would allow the artist to devote all their time to creating your next favorite record!

Unfortunately in the current music industry, CD sales are declining every year and music piracy is increasing.


We make music because we love it, but without the support of the fans buying the music or merch, it makes it extremely hard for musicians to have successful career in music these days.


We believe in you and the rest of the Red Queen Army to make this EP release a Success!

How can you help?

You can help us by buying any of the following Merch Packages or Special Packages!


A special Thank you in the CD booklet

A Skype session with the band

A Rockstar make over Photoshoot with us

You can be in one of our music videos

Bowl with the band

Go to Disneyland or another theme Park with the band

Have a fancy dinner date with the band

Even a Private Concert at your House Party, Wedding, or Birthday!

By buying any of the following Merch Packages or Special Package Deals you’re helping to keep this band alive! Such as the cost of recording our albums, music videos, photoshoots, artwork, live show production, promotions, touring cost, and more!

We have had a lot of messages asking us when we will be touring.

As much as we would love to tour and see everyone. The truth is unless this EP release is a success, we won’t be able to tour for awhile. Touring is very expensive and it cost a lot for a new Independent band to tour. The more support we have the stronger Red Queen will be! We hope you will join the Red Queen Army and support this Release!

Become part of the Red Queen Army and CLICK HERE to show your support